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Parker Payne is a multi-time medalist and champion, and a Phase5 Boards Team rider

Parker Payne is a multi-time medalist and champion, and a Phase5 Boards Team rider. In 2013 Parker became a US Champion and a World Champion.
Hello Parker! Today the entire world was shouting out to you as you landed an absolute game changer. We are super stoked about your kickflip. So, tell us how much effort did you put on chasing your dream trick.

- When and how did you start to do wakesurfing?

- I began wake surfing at the age of 10 years old. I had always had a boat growing up and had to try out wake surfing as soon as I heard about it! I started competing at the age of 13 and turned pro when I was 14 years old.

- Please tells us about your favorite board and what boat you like to ride behind the most

- My favorite board ever is the Phase 5 Phantom! I worked with Phase 5 to make the best surf style board on the market and we succeeded! We originally started prototyping in 2016 and finally brought it to market in 2018. This year model (2023) is 20% lighter than the years before it. This makes the board feel faster and more alive under your feet than ever before.

My favorite boat changes day to day. I’m very fortunate that I get to ride behind so many amazing boats and try them out. At home, I am currently riding a 2023 Malibu 26lsv.

Photo by Jefferson W. Mathis

- What is your favorite trick?

- There are so many tricks I love but now I have to say the kickflip! To me, this trick is currently one of the hardest and most respected tricks in the sport. I can’t wait to see who lands it next!

- How does it help you to ride both skim and surf?

- When riding at home, I alternate between skim and surf every other day. I originally started as a surf style rider. When I found lack of inspiration on the surf style or needed help on a trick, I would hop on my skimboard to help get the feel of that new trick before I tried it on my surf style board. Doing both styles of riding helps improve your skills overall. I would recommend any rider to ride both!

Photo by Jefferson W. Mathis

- Any other things help you to improve your wakesurfing?

- Cross training is very helpful if you are looking to improve your wakesurfing skills. I am a big advocate for using a skateboard deck on the trampoline and riding the Flowrider. Using these tools to get more repetition without having to wait on a boat to pick you up is very helpful. Besides those two, I believe that any board sport will help with your wakesurfing skills!

- Why did you want to land a kick flip so much? How long did it take you to land it?

- I’ve never wanted something more in my life. It took me 10 years to land the kickflip. I originally started in 2013 and have consistently tried through the years. I had an attempt that was very close in October 2022 that put the drive in me to push for it hard over the winter. On the morning of May 18th, 2023 at 11:11am I finally landed it! It was my 94th attempt of the morning.

Photo by Jefferson W. Mathis

- What’s next? Any new goal already?

- I would love to land a kickflip on a skimboard and finally land a 720 shuv too! No delay, I’m going to get right to it!

- Any advice you would give to amateurs?

The best advice I would give to amateurs is to start trying tricks outside your comfort zone. Overtime you will continue to get closer and closer! Additionally, this will improve your confidence and board control overall.

Also, study others by watching videos. This has been very helpful to me over the years just by studying videos of riders I look up to.

The interview was conducted by Kristina Kolesnikova. We thank Kristina for her help and support in development of wakesurfing!